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Is it time to boost your efficiency and profitability in your food business?

vancouver restaurant consultantWe specialize in helping restaurants optimize their operational performance through proven solutions. Business owners benefit from a revamp of their menus, team training, chef coaching, cost reduction specific to their situations. Our clients come from various food industries:

• Restaurants
• Hotels and hospitality
• Food trucks
• Kitchen equipment distributor
• Food and beverage suppliers

We personalize the solution and align it with your immediate needs. Our services include:

• Menu Engineering
• Mystery Dinner: Restaurant Audit Services
• Restaurant Launch
• Restaurant Crisis Management
• Restaurant Makeover
• Market Research


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Restaurant Consulting Services

Struggling with your restaurant menu? We are here to help!

Our experienced French Chef will revamp your menus with mouth-watering seasonal recipes that represent your brand and fit your concept. Our custom menu solutions take into considerations healthy recipe options and specialty diets such as gluten-free, diabetes, dairy free, vegetarians or vegans. We leverage our menu engineering expertise to analyze, create and refine your current offerings. We also gear menu solutions towards reducing labor costs and improving food profits.

You can increase your profitability by applying key changes to your costs and operational processes. Our expert chef will guide you through this to get the most of your investment.

Does your restaurant have negative online reviews?

Are you ready to implement a turnaround strategy for your food business? Let our mystery dinner take a look, and you’ll finally have access to the good, the bad and (in some cases) the ugly facts about your dining establishment. This information, professionally and meticulously compiled by an objective expert, will help you make the most effective decisions when it comes to improving any and all elements at your restaurant, lounge, hotel bar, etc.

We specialize in helping food businesses get back on track of generating revenue and navigating towards profits.

Our expertise includes restaurant quality audits, menu development, staff training and involvement in nearly every aspect of restaurant management. Our Mystery Dinner custom report will include feedback on the service and food, as well as an overall analysis of your restaurant and brand.

Our proprietary Mystery Diner solution has helped food industry leaders achieve measurable business transformation. Our trained eye coupled with relevant pictures will reveal much-needed evidence on the issues holding your establishment back and preventing you from achieving the success your business deserves.

Looking into opening a profitable restaurant concept?

Opening a restaurant is a risky and costly endeavor, but with our support, you will be better positioned to make your dream a successful reality. Our professional Chef Consultant can advise on concept development, conduct a business model audit, collaborate on menu engineering, create and perform kitchen staff training and anything else you need to create an outstanding restaurant opening.

911 Chef Eric will help you launch your restaurant right the first time. We will closely collaborate with you during the initial business planning process. This includes preliminary business concept validation and in in-depth market research. The outcome of these activities will result in a sound recommendation on the next steps and possible improvements to your approach. Once the approach is confirmed we will move into developing a sustainable operational plan that is key to your restaurant's profitability.

Our role is to challenge and validate your concept to ensure that it meets the high standards of a restaurant profitability across the board. This will resolve in giving you the best return on your investment in your dream restaurant project.

You can also provide you with support through coaching/consulting for as long as you need after the opening. This will ensure continuity of services and best practices in your restaurant.

How to avoid and fix restaurant crisis?

Proclivity in managing your restaurant business is key to ensuring client retention and business sustainability. Here are some signs of an approaching restaurant crisis:

• Negative online reviews
• Poor customer service or interaction
• Lack of staff skills or knowledge of the menu
• Poor menu options
• Poor quality
• High staff turnover

Every one of the above-mentioned signs presents clear and present risk to your restaurant business sustainability and increases your possibility of experiencing a crisis. Facing a restaurant crisis is a difficult event. What is more important is to effectively manage it before it gets worst. 911 Chef Eric will provide you with the tools and solutions to be pro-active when such events occur. We also help you develop strategies to fix and avoid such occurrences in the future.

Is time for a restaurant makeover?

Is your restaurant business suffering from lack of profitability, unmanageable debt load, a dated concept or team burnout?  Then you need an external expert to rock the boat, assess the root causes of the problem and help you to make necessary changes.

911 Chef Eric restaurant makeover services are specifically designed to help you modernize and boost your restaurant's business profitability. Our restaurant makeover includes:

• Comprehensive restaurant assignment using our proprietary secret dinner audit system.
• Identifying existing problems and looming risks.
• Solutions regarding menu offering, restaurant theme, concepts, and layout.
• Revamp full branding with fresh ideas.
• Recommendations on optimal staff hiring and training strategies.

911 Chef Eric will implement key changes that will make your restaurant shine. This will bring you a heightened awareness of your restaurant brand and increased traffic to your destination. Whether you operate a fine dining establishment, a cafe, bistro, food truck or any type of restaurant in between, we bring you the expertise necessary to help you succeed!



"Dear Chef Eric, local we have implemented the garnish ideas and the three sauces that you have creates for us and it has definitely helped us. The servers have also benefited in your feedbacks regarding the service. The Ultimate feedback has come from the guests and they are loving it here lately. So far so good just adding a couple of sides to the sharing dishes page to fill out our menu a little further." " We made it into the Vancouver Sun last Thursday! Carnivores can be Green - highlighting that we purchase locally. Business has picked up significantly - thank-you for your help."
Linda and Michaels - Steakhouse Owners - BC


"We asked chef Eric to creates original and unique recipes using our different Grand Marnier, the result has exceeded our expectations. Chef Eric recipes are totally different from what Grand Marnier recipes are known for. Chef eric original creations are: Venison Tenderloin with Grand Marnier Sauce, Braised Buffalo Short Ribs with Ginger and Grand Marnier, Grand Marnier Won Ton Soup."
Philippe - Grand Marnier Director is the secret ingredient for your profitability.

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