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"Comparable to a sports coach, my goal is to assist you in developing your full potential."

  • Do you need someone to coach you for a cooking competition? To train and encourage you all the way to victory?
  • Are you in doubt and need the support of a peer to clarify your ideas? 
  • Do you wish you could talk to someone who understands you and can help you achieve your dream of being the greatest possible chef you can be?


Chef Eric provides specialized support to food industry leaders, helping you achieve your individual goals within the field. This offering is suitable for restaurant owners, directors, managers, executive chefs, etc. in the food industry, from rising stars to more seasoned top tier professionals. We help busy leaders achieve your goals and grow within your career path.

We understand the time constraints faced by today’s professionals, which is why we offer coaching over the phone and/or via videoconference in addition to in person. Coaching can also be provided to groups when the goal is for an entire team to align in achieving significant, long-lasting changes.

Coaching assists clients in improving their effectiveness and performance, and helps them overcome challenging obstacles that would take more time or extraordinary effort to accomplish alone. At the outset, crystal clear expectations are set between you and your coach to define what you want to achieve through coaching. We then employ creative and thought-provoking techniques to encourage client self-discovery and elicit solutions and strategies that you would likely not have encountered as rapidly if left to your own devices.

Lack of clarity, definition or circumstances that demand an urgent response are all situations in which coaching can help you achieve outstanding results. If you’ve identified knowledge or skills gaps amongst your team members, or wish to accelerate your own results then we can help you devise a step by step plan for success. Another common concern for top food industry professionals is how to achieve an appropriate work-life balance without creating unwanted consequences in either sphere; coaching is an excellent option for obtaining a positive long-term solution for this sensitive matter.

With over 30 years’ experience working in the food industry at noted hotels and restaurants both in France and Canada, Chef Eric Arrouzé possesses the passion and expertise to coach food industry leaders as they take on new challenges in the field. A certified Leadership Coach, Chef Eric’s vast culinary experience, ability to listen and knack for helping other achieve their full potential has allowed him to successfully coach numerous food industry professionals throughout the Vancouver area

"Coaching is not consulting. Consulting is directive and content specific. Coaching is about facilitating exploration, expanding awareness, making decisions, taking action and designing environments that support your vision. When a coach consults or instructs he or she will shift hats to that of a consultant or instructor". As a coach Chef Eric will honor your ideas and make you explore them so that they best fit your goals. He will use his experience and knowledge to assist you in your thinking process. 


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